1440 Shows

March 27, 2015
McDowell Mountain Music Festival
Crescent Ballroom - Phoenix, AZ
Set: N/A

Rating: 3.2/5 (5 votes cast)

December 20, 2014
Cain's Ballroom
Tulsa, OK
Set: N/A
Notes: co-bill w/ Red Dirt Rangers

Rating: 2.3/5 (13 votes cast)

November 29, 2014
Thanksgiving Harvest Time Ball
The Independent - San Francisco, CA
Set: N/A

Rating: 1.7/5 (14 votes cast)

October 17, 2014
Mulberry Mountain Harvest Music Festival
Mulberry River Ranch - Ozark, AR
Set: N/A

Rating: 2.2/5 (18 votes cast)

July 19, 2014
Mishawaka Amphitheatre
Bellvue, CO
Set: N/A
Notes: co-bill w/ Hot Buttered Rum

Rating: 2.4/5 (27 votes cast)

July 18, 2014
Groove Festival
Georgetown, CO
Set: N/A

Rating: 2.7/5 (28 votes cast)

July 17, 2014
Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom
Denver, CO
Set: N/A

Rating: 2.6/5 (28 votes cast)

July 16, 2014
Crested Butte Mountain Resort
Crested Butte, CO
Set: N/A

Rating: 1.8/5 (24 votes cast)

May 31, 2014
BottleRock Music Festival
Napa, CA
Set: N/A

Rating: 2.2/5 (33 votes cast)

May 10, 2014
Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, NY
Set 1: Papa's in the Backroom, We Aren't Done, Penny Saved, Taught to be Proud, Stick to the Shallows, Criminal Intent1, Loony Bin2, I've Got A Truck3, Nothing Changes3, Death Cake, The Devil's Pay, Germinatin' Seed, Earth and Sky, All Washed Up, The Garden (Part III)
Notes: 1 w/ Mark Friendman on bass 2 w/ David Butler on percussion 3 w/ Goh Nakamura on guitar and David Butler on percussion;

Rating: 2.6/5 (45 votes cast)