1 Show

December 16, 2010
Soundwave Studios
Oakland, CA
Set 1: Arise, Jubilee, One Reason, Cottonwood Tree, Easy To Be Your Lover, All of Your Cigarettes, Sleep Paralysis, 7th Story, Snow Days, Sea Monkey's > Flight of the Sea Monkey > Sea Monkey's
Set 2: Tequila, Earth and Sky, The Invasion1, Greta Ties Up Horses, New Shoes, If It Wasn't for the Money, Kali-Yuga2 > Do You Hear What I Hear?2 > Sex in the '70s2 > Do You Hear What I Hear?2 > Jam2,3 > Sex in the '70s2
Encore: The Devil's Pay
Notes: 1w/ Jordan Feinstein and Jeremy Black, 2w/ Dan Lebowitz, 3Sex in the '70s w/ "This Land Is Your Land" (Woody Guthrie) > Kali-Yuga > Sex in the '70s w/ "Mountain Jam" (Allman Brothers)

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